spiritual immersive on mount shasta

awaken, expand and activate 

I offer a very unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the powerful energies of Mount Shasta. In my one day immersive's we visit powerful vortex sites, activation portals, sacred ceremonial sites, and so much more on and around the mountain.  You will transform, surrender, awaken, and expand into the next highest version of yourself.  My prayer for each immersive is that you leave feeling more aligned with your Higher Self, more connected to your heart and your truth, a deeper understanding and awareness of your purpose and more of the fifth dimension frequency held within your body.

Each immersive is uniquely designed with a very specific purpose and intention you set for yourself. Together we customize the immersive based on the heart felt outcome you desire. 

Mount Shasta Is here To:

Align you with your Higher Self

Bring you deeper into your Heart

Reflect the Soverign Divinity within you

Remind you of your Purpose

Activate more of your Fifth Dimensional Light Body

Introduce you to your Star Family

Recharge, Reset and Reenergize you

I designed these immersive's after I went though my own powerful, transformational journey on the mountain. I spent two days walking through activation portals, sitting in highly charged energy vortex's and surrendering to my Self, my Purpose, and my Past.  I was activated, re-charged, expanded and alive in a way I had never been before and I have not been the same sense.  

My journey prompted me to create this immersive for all of you so that you to can experience the powerful transformations available through this mountain.   

It is time to activate and remember the reason you are here!

My immersive's are designated to do just that! 


 what you may experience from a one day immersive:

  • Reconnect with You
  • Align, Activate and Embody your Higher Self
  • Become centered, clear and aligned with your purpose 
  • Open and Activate your Heart
  • Accelerate your Ascension
  • Release limiting beliefs holding you back in your life
  • Connect with the your own Christ Consciousness 
  • Heal past trauma and pain still held in your body
  • Leave with a renewed confidence in your path, your purpose and your connection to your Self
  • Experience powerful meditations reconnecting you, opening you up, and clearing the way for your next steps
  • Expand into the next highest version of you

I felt so clear, so strong, so full love and magic. I received massive amounts of healing that day. I could feel my cells vibrating inside of me, being recharged, healed and upgraded. Since coming home.I feel as if I am being reborn with every new day.I am now more clear on my purpose than ever.  I have never been more clear on anything in my whole life. I am here and I AM ready. Lorie will guide you through the sacred sites with love and grace. I'm so thankful that she was by my side through this amazing, personal, sacred journey to discover my purpose and fully receive the blessings of the mountain.    - KM, Eugene, OR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  




Any of the below activities depending on your customized, unique journey:

  • Sit in a Christ Light activation device 
  • Meditate inside a sacred Pyramid 
  • Explore the mountain's scared sites connecting you to the Ascended Masters, Star Families and powerful energies within the mountain
  • Hike to beautiful pristine lakes and receive personal activations and healings
  • Experience the healing waters of a Mineral Spring and Baptize the new energies coming in through you
  • Guided meditations and healing journey's throughout the day
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing session (additional fee)
  • Crystal Shopping


What is not included:

  • Hotel
  • Transportation to Mount Shasta
  • Meals 


Journey with me for the day and experience the wonder and magic of this holy Mountain

If you have any questions about this unique experience or would like more clarity please contact me below.

**Payment plans are available

**Two day Immersive's are also available.  Please reach out for more details

**I offer small group immersive's. Please reach out for more details


 Mount Shasta is the mirror reflecting your light back to you!