Guided Journey into Telos

I offer a unique, live, guided journey into the multi-dimensional Lemurian city inside Mount Shasta called Telos.

This  Journey provides you an opportunity to reunite with your Lemurian family, your Star family and the many Ascended Masters that are here to work with you.

You will experience deep activations, beautiful heart felt healing's and powerful light body activations.

Telos is here to assist and guides us through our ascension and into the fifth dimension. 

It is time to remember who you are and why you are here. 

Guided Journey Into Telos
Guided Journey Into Telos
My brightest joy in taking this trip with you, Lorie, is that now I know my family.  I’m not lost anymore and it’s comforting. I cannot express my gratitude to you in words.  I send you wishes on the bandwidth as your call to service has changed my life - Vicki, Eureka, MT

What can be expected when visiting Telos:

  • Reunite with your Star family and your Lemurian and Atlantean family
  • Spend time immersed in the energies of the multi-dimensional Lemurian city. 
  • Meet your individual Telos Guide 
  • Receive powerful and transformational activations from Star Beings.
  • Work intimately with and receive direct messages and healings from the Ascended Masters and Star Beings.
  • Experience and activate your Light body and fifth dimensional body 
  • Embody your Higher Self
  • Release energetic blocks and trauma held in the body from this life time and past lifetimes
  • Cut cords from past relationships both in this lifetime and in past lifetimes
  • Connect deeply to your divine purpose
  • Activate the Christ Light within your Heart
It was an amazing journey.  I am filled with gratitude for you being the bridge between worlds for me. Your gift is quite special. It is subtle, but powerful. At no time did I feel overwhelmed. Right now I am calm, incredibly balanced, connected and feeling a bit taller than usual. I believe that I can now face any situation with more grace than I ever had before, not to mention the confidence I’ve gained in reference to my healing abilities.  I was truly ready for this. Thank you for enabling me to take the next giant step along my journey. I will be in touch to let you know what transpires. 
-Cheryl, Plains, PA

What is Telos:

Telos, is a multi-dimensional Lemurian city of light within Mount Shasta. The beings that built the city originated from the continent of Lemuria that sank over 15,000 years ago. Today there are over 1.5 million beings living in the city. Telos is a portal for hundreds of star systems to connect with their families here on Earth. When you visit Telos you are reunited with your Lemurian, Atlantean and Star families. They are here to guide us into the fifth dimension with ease and grace providing us with powerful healings and activations that will prepare our bodies for the shift we are moving through and accelerate our ascension.  The Lemurians are our family members and they are here to support us, remind us of who we are, why we are here and make the transition as easy as possible.

Telos and the beings inside are the way showers for the New Earth, the fifth dimensional life.  They want nothing more then to walk you into your multi-dimensional bodies.  

details for the journey into telos:

  • A live guided journey into the fifth dimensional city via phone. It is similar to a guided meditation except you bi-locate into the city and it requires your active participation. 
  • The call is 90 minutes long. 
  • The call will be recorded and sent to you via email so you can return to Telos as often as you want.
  • Order the journey below and I will email you to arrange the day and time of call.
I feel SO good. I feel you and your journey was the most pure experience I’ve ever had and I felt quite a connection with Adama.  You are amazing!  - Cyndie, Del Mar, CA 

If you are feeling called to journey into this city trust your Higher Self. 

You are ready and it would be an honor to take you into Telos!

If you have any questions regarding this guided journey please reach out to me. I would love to answer any and all of your questions.

Guided Journey Into Telos
Guided Journey Into Telos